As requested by one of our faithful readers, Rora interviewed me in return. It is not all to be taken seriously.

Rora: “Why do you like living in China?”

Cairene: “Because it’s China! The food is delicious, the people are so curious and friendly, and China is just such a vast country with so much to explore and a lot of differences.”

Rora: “What are some things that you don’t like about China?”

Cairene: “Who says I dislike anything about China?”

Rora: “Haha.”

Cairene: “Crazy drivers, but we don’t have that many of them in Hanzhong. And pollution, obviously.”

Rora: “We don’t seem to have much of that here either.”

Cairene: “True.”

Rora: “What are the weirdest things you’ve seen in China?”

Cairene: “I can’t really remember. I’ve probably seen some weird things here. My head is full of so many weird things I saw in Egypt for the last four years, which kind of has replaced the weird things I’ve experienced in China… Ah, for example, on buses, when they are really crowded and all the seats are taken, people are given tiny chairs or buckets with a pillow on it to sit on in the middle of the aisle. That’s kind of weird. Another thing would be dogs that are used as some kind of accessory, with strange haircuts, colored hair, and fancy clothes.”

Rora: “And tiny shoes.”

Cairene: “Yes, and tiny shoes. And maybe middle-aged women that dress like little girls with glitter and pink and Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob. Of course some other weird things are the things that are written on clothes, often in English, that don’t make much sense. Just recently I saw a woman wearing a shirt that read “Acne”, and another one with a coat that had the word “Boobs” on it. Just yesterday I saw a t-shirt that read “Eat My Fuck”… ”

Rora: “What do you think about the situation in our apartment before and after I came?”

Cairene: “Well, before you came it was very clean and organized…”

Rora: “And now it’s still clean and very organized…”

Cairene: “Hmmm,… now it’s a little less clean and a little less organized…” 

Rora: “Ah, one more question. Are you going to post my last question?”

Cairene: “Yes.”

Rora: “Why?”

Cairene: “Hey, you said just one more question! … Because I can!”

Rora: “If china is called china in English, what is china called in China?”

Cairene: “瓷 = cí”